At Home in Birmingham

With the news of my acceptance to the University of Edinburgh for graduate school and our impending move, to Scotland no less, I’m feeling a bit of preemptive nostalgia for our home in Birmingham. This sweet little apartment, our first home together, holds so many memories for us. These walls have witnessed celebrations,  late nights, lazy Saturdays, dinner parties, a fair share of Netflix binge sessions, valiant attempts at various recipes, some fights (if we’re being honest), but so much more love. Back in January our friend Ali came over for a cozy home session to capture one of our favorite slow morning rituals in this home.


Tim and I are only slightly ashamed to say we might miss our cat, Fitz, and her mealtime high fives the most.


It’s been so nice to be in Birmingham for all these years (and the first year and a half of our marriage) and we will miss the spirit of this city, but we are also looking forward to the new adventure ahead of us. We would be thrilled to have you follow along on our future travels here!

Photos by ever talented Ali Takes Photographs

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