The Road West

If you follow Tim and I on social media you’ve probably noticed we’re not in Birmingham anymore. (Actually, we’re not even in the US anymore, but more on that later.) On June 1st, after packing up our apartment and saying goodbye to our friends we hit the road heading west. We spent a month in Colorado and then circled back east to see family and friends. I haven’t done such a great job chronicling our journey along the way apart from Instagram so I’ll catch you up here and start from the beginning…

We definitely maximized every inch of space in our tiny little Prius c.

Just up 65N, our first stop on the way to Colorado was Nashville where we said goodbye to Fitz for the summer and then it was on to St. Louis, the gateway to the West. We found a Jeni’s just down the road from our Airbnb where we treated ourselves for completing the first bit of our journey and comforted our kitty sorrows. [Saying so long to a pet is rough!] We grabbed dinner at Fitz’s [ironic] and then spent the rest of the evening climbing around the City Museum with the young and young at heart. We enjoyed a delicious breakfast at Cafè Osage the next morning before hitting the road for somewhere in Kansas.

Somewhere in Kansas ended up being Wilson, Kansas where we found the Midland Railroad Hotel, a quaint and comfortable inn off the beaten path [and cheaper than the chain hotels down to road in Manhattan!] If you ever find yourself driving down highway 70 and need a place to rest your head, we would recommend this place. Also, Wilson is the Czech capital of Kansas.

After taking a gander around Wilson, which didn’t take too long, we started the last leg of our journey and found the Rockies a couple hundred miles down the road, and Boulder nestled at the foot of them.



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